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Prior to the Repeat Edition, a number of JoomlaDays has been attempted and executed by Daydah Concepts Limited.

The first JoomlaDayAbuja, Nigeria held by Daydah Concepts Limited was held on 4th March, 2017 at Chelsea Hotel led by former CEO, Mrs. Adedayo Adeniyi and had practical workshops in the morning and business talks (a CMSAFRICASUMMIT 2017 Edition item). It did introduce Joomla to beginners. More information can be found on the Events page of Joomla website.

Other JoomlaDays were courtesy of LibertyChapel with theme as Righteous billionaire with a number of sponsors - Bostar Computer system limited, Daydah Concepts Limited and a few individuals. The Righteous billionaire:JoomlaDayAbuja event did have it's growth from group meetings from the church who discussed issues in businesses, opportunities for growth and experiences from projects executed.

The last JoomlaDayAbuja held by Daydah Concepts Limited had its venue as Umaru Shehu Yar'adua Centre. It had lots of giveaways which gave it a spark different from earlier editions from a number of Sponsors - John Oladokun and Co., Bostar Computer Systems Limited, Daydah Concepts Limited. Joomla, Automatic etc. They included beverages. Bostar books, branded bags. Beach bags, Pen and jotters, local wrappers etc.


The event started at about 1:02 and ended promptly just before 5pm as we were focused on time. Lunch break started at about 3pm and giveaways were available courtesy of some brands - Bostar Computer System Limited and ourself.The food did was served and there was enough to take home. Notes were taken and we did work on a number of growth indices for the future.


  • Food distraction: attempt to have  food before lunch break.
  • Some schemes were an amazement as noticed between our official bankers - Guaranty Trust Bank (nos. 2 Official Banker) for the project and FirstBank (nos. 1 Official Banker) for the project.

We did have good treatment from our service provider - Umaru Shehu Yar'adua Centre and our sincere appreciation goes to them. We did meet old accomplices as those we worked with. Our history with who they are as regards to our JoomlaDays would be written in the sands of time we pray. Also, not forgetting Liberty Chapel who did help nurture us.

Our thanks did go to our sponsors and partners.



The event held at about 6pm and ended at about 7:40pm. Recommendations were made by attendees for future references. 

Our thanks goes to our Sponsors and Partners - Joomla, UptakeFarms Limited, Plentious Farms Limited, Bostar Computer Systems Limited, ourselves and projects we worked with - JoomlaDayAbuja2023 and JoomlaDayAdoEkiti2024.


The project JoomlaDayAbuja 2023 is expected to feature Marriages in Nigeria with emphasis on the North. It would be going beyond food schemes "as above" and techniques in preparation for Pre-HPC Conference 2023.


The event held successfully on 23 May, 2023. Joomla solutions were in with Daydah Concepts Limited exploring "Security with Administrator Page", Modules, Categories and plugins were reviewed with ellaboration on finding paid and unpaid extensions. Cre8SMS, a product of Daydah Concepts Limited was used as an instance. Food techniques in marriages were explored with swallows. A small group of people were treated and there were giveaways. Sponsors and Partners solutions created value for the event as an investor opted out of the event and grew his solution through one of the sponsors - Bostar Computer Systems Limited. Other major players were known - Uptake Farms Limited, Plentious Farms Limited and NASENI Headquarters. A trip to GTBank was reenacted and a visit to Olusegun Obasanjo Library, Umaru Shehu Yar'adua Centre started the day.


JoomlaDayAbuja2023 II - Iwe Isu

The event was planned for 1-5pm. Booking was made by Daydah Concepts Limited but was yet to be redeemed by a donor. That affected our access to the meeting room, Umaru Shehu Yaradua Centre whose rates had gotten a bit higher but has good and preferred venue for the event.

It was a bit difficult to prepare for the event earlier than now due to cash constraint and an upgrade meted with another cities event - JoomlaDayOtun 2023 II Strategy session (Crash course) which held two days ago in Ekiti State. That explained standards with Joomla to have events two weeks between each other for organizers. This came in as a learning curve and as a positive for Joomla 4.0.

I arrived at the event site at about 3pm - Umar Yaradua Centre and was able to put things together hoping growth can still be in with the nation's capital with been able to identify where the challenges are.

Suggestions were made on how to redeem the pledges in the future when such challenge arises with the major donor. However, the donor growth wasn't lost should a review of CMSAfricasummit2021 (with a 5year plan) include Abuja, Nigeria with the current situation of things and yet accommodate the players involved in the project. We can only pray that's possible with celebrations in for Joomla's birthday as today's. A few giveaways were made possible by Bostar Computer Systems Limited.

Growth for the future has the website for the project taken offline while a Sponsor is been admonished to find the project with a view of developing a functional and ideal website.

This we hope would meet up for the next JoomlaDay.

The event - JoomlaDayAbuja2023 II - Iwe Isu was deemed as successful having surmounted some challenges of the day even though our set targets weren't met. We do hope it would get better in the future as we work on having national growth with the FG with the CMS - Joomla.

Departure at the event was made at 4:59pm.