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The following JoomlaDays are being expected to be available from Daydah Concepts Limited. It has attached with it the city and the year it will be held. A list of events - JoomlaDays we will be working with will be updated.

Here's our calendar.

JoomlaDayOtun2023 I; 26 April, 2023. Event held successfully.

JoomlaDayAbuja2023 I; 23 May, 2023. Event held successfuly

JoomlaDayOtun2023 II; 24 July. 2023 Approved by Joomla and continues  with a crash course (14 August, 2023) through to JoomlaDayOtun2023 III; 6-10 November, 2023 (approved by Joomla) Event held successfully 11.11.2023 with Departure.

JoomlaDayAbuja2023 II; 17 August, 2023 (Expected to feature Joomla's Birthday) Approved by Joomla and continues with a Repeat Edition expected to herald CMSAfricaSummit2021 (5 Year Plan) with tentative dates as November, 2023 (Yet to be approved by Joomla).(CMSAFRICA takes her exit from the project and may return with project review).

JoomlaDayAbuja2023 III; December 2 - 5, 2023 (Approved by Joomla). Proposed to herald a Joomla Conference with HPC Conference 2022 (December 2023)



JoomlaDayAbuja 2023 has as its theme: Iwe Isu (a local name for a food type called Yam). The food type - Yam is a local food meal majorly known in Abuja (also known as Doya) and Ekiti. It can also be found in other places like Benue, Calabar and Osun State. Other variants of Yam referred to as Cocoyam can also be found in the South East, Nigeria such as Anambra.

Just as its previous edition, the 2023 edition would focus on the food scheme relative to what solutions can be obtainable in Joomla.



JoomlaDayOtun2024 is being planned for the year 2024 with "Strategy Session" on projects with more organizations due to popular demand after a successful outing in year 2023.


JoomlaDayAdoEkiti2024 is one of our most anticipated projects with expectations in as a would be one-of-the best JoomlaDays we've ever held. It is expected to hold in the first few quarters of the year 2024.

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